SYDNEY, 7/21

Celebrity colorist Johnny Ramirez has developed a new approach to hands-on teaching. His new Look & Learn Masterclass allows colorists and salons to gain first hand knowledge into the lived-in color process from a technical approach as well as for business development. Students can expect to learn the following during each 1 day Look & Learn Masterclass:

Consultation: From his formulation, lasting technique and client Q&A, expect to look and learn as Johnny outlines the lived-in color process to each client.

Tips + Tricks: Get a look at the industry with behind the scenes hair tips, administrative insight and exclusive tricks to mastering your career in color.

Lived-in Color Technique: This is the step by step you’ve been waiting for. Johnny Ramirez has spent years perfecting this sun-kissed hair method.

  • Foil placement (May include color correction, or highlights)
  • Tipping, Backcombing, blending of hair technique
  • Secrets of formulating (Toner, Gloss)
  • Quick color check Art of Before/After Photos.

Art of Before & After Photos: There is a method to this and Johnny has fine-tuned his process for Before AND After. You will learn:

  • How to (before/after)
  • What he looks for in each photo (before/after)
  • Lighting techniques
  • Editing techniques

Johnny Ramirez Q&A: After each client session, you’ll get a 1-2 hour free for all with Johnny, this is your time to ask questions, take notes and recap your day.